Did you break a bone from a minor fall, slip or trip?


Quick Facts

Here are 6 things you need to know about fractures. (Click the + to expand)

  • Healthy bones do not break from a simple event like a fall from standing height
  • If this has happened to you, you have had a fragility fracture
  • A fracture and a broken bone are the same thing
    • A fracture is a break, crack, split or chip in your bone.
  • A fragility fracture may be the first sign that your bones are weak and thin and will break easily 
  • One fracture greatly increases your risk of having another one
  • Fractures can be devastating and may lead to: fear (of falling, of physical activity); social isolation; depression; chronic pain; disability; institutionalization; even death

You're not alone. Other people have said...

“Teach us the high risk factors for breaking a bone so we can get tested if we are at risk.”

"Maybe you should make us more aware of low bone density."