Long Term Care Strategy


Since 2007, the Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy for Long-term Care (OOSLTC) has engaged in outreach activities across the province to increase uptake of evidence-based osteoporosis/fracture prevention strategies in long-term care homes. At that time, median prescribing rates in Ontario LTC homes for calcium, vitamin D, and bisphosphonates below 30%. There was also a wide spectrum of prescribing practices amongst LTC homes which may have been due to the lack of standardized guidelines. In 2012, five years after implementing the Strategy, osteoporosis-related prescribing in 166 Ontario LTC homes was examined. The findings suggested that wide-scale use of outreach activities resulted in the implementation of vitamin D by many LTC homes. Compared with 2007, vitamin D prescribing was twice as high in 2012, and the majority of homes prescribed to 60% or more of their residents. Currently, osteoporosis consensus guidelines for LTC are in development. User-friendly tool-kits, DVD and many useful PowerPoint resources can be found at www.gerascentre.ca

As part of the Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy and in collaboration with Osteoporosis Canada, OOSLTC’s goal is to provide meaningful and useful information and the latest research and best care practices to improve the bone health of older adults.

We are working together to:

  • Prevent unnecessary fractures from falls and handling during care
  • Provide information about the simple low-cost care interventions that are available
  • Reduce the pain and suffering from osteoporosis and fractures