Fall 2017 - Fracture Link

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The Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy represents the vision and coordinated efforts of many groups, including the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC), Ontario Women’s Health Council, Osteoporosis Canada, health care and research professionals, and numerous other community-based stakeholders.

The Ontario Women’s Health Council provided the original groundwork for the Strategy, launched and funded by MOHLTC in 2005. Two important consultations and resulting documents facilitated the development of the Strategy: “A Framework and Strategy for the Prevention and Management of Osteoporosis” (Ontario Women’s Health Council, 2000) and “Osteoporosis Action Plan: An Osteoporosis Strategy for Ontario” (Ontario Women’s Health Council Osteoporosis Action Plan Committee, February 2003). The Ministry approved this document in March 2003.

The stakeholders and professionals now implementing the Strategy work across the continuum of osteoporosis prevention, screening, and management.